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10 Farmer’s Markets You Should See Before You Die

Summer is winding down, but as all foodies know, the sweet spot between summer and autumn is an absolute boon for farmers market-goers. Apples, pumpkin, sweet corn, beets, greens… The plethora of fresh options available from your local producers is about to grow exponentially. And while all farmers markets offer some great finds, there are a few iconic markets scattered across the US that are particularly known for their fantastic produce. Here are 10 farmers markets you shouldn’t miss.

The Original Farmers Market, Los Angeles

This market claims to be the “original” farmer’s market. While it’s hard to be 100 percent sure about that, I am certain that this destination is verifiably amazing. It’s been open since 1934 and is packed not only with local vendors selling produce and locally raised meats, but also restaurants, kiosks and shops.

Pike Place Market, Seattle

If you know anything about farmer’s markets, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Pike Place. It’s one of Seattle’s main attractions, and boasts vendors from all parts of the Pacific Northwest. Seafood and coffee are two obvious choices you simply cannot miss, but there’s plenty of offerings here to meet every taste.

Copley Square Farmers Market, Boston 

Located in one of Boston’s most beautiful historic districts, the Copley Square Farmer’s Market is an absolute joy. Not only will you enjoy fresh produce and other finds from local sellers, you’ll also enjoy the charms of historic Boston.

Green City Market, Chicago

Green City Market is a destination to rival much bigger farmer’s markets. Held in Chicago’s beautiful and sprawling Lincoln Park, it’s steps away from Lake Michigan and offers gorgeous, lush greenery to enjoy while you stroll through the stands, sipping on locally brewed kombucha and sampling boutique syrup and honey.

Sweet Auburn Market, Atlanta

Atlanta’s farmers market is mostly located indoors, which is great for guests, as Atlanta’s summertime temps can get pretty hot. The market has been operating since 1918 (even longer than Los Angeles’ farmer’s market!) and has withstood the test of time.

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, San Francisco

Bay Area residents flock to the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market, and if you know anything about Bay Area residents, you’ll know that they are picky about their food! The offerings in SF’s farmer’s market are simply phenomenal, featuring a cornucopia of Northern California’s finest produce, meat, artisan snacks and other treats.

Union Square Greenmarket, New York

New Yorkers are used to having lots of options, and nowhere is the city’s diversity of choice more apparently than at the Union Street Greenmarket. Even New York’s most reputed chefs are spotted doing their shopping here.

Dane County Farmer’s Market, Madison 

Madison, Wisconsin, isn’t as big as many of the cities on this list, but it certainly has an equal amount of spirit. This college town is home to one of the best downtowns in the Midwest, and the farmers market is held in this iconic downtown throughout the summer month. Wander the square of Wisconsin’s capital and enjoy live music, vendors from all over the Midwest, local eats and plenty of activities for kids and adults alike.

Davis Farmer’s Market, Davis

Davis, California, is another college town with an amazing farmer’s market. In addition to its local offerings, the market offers a Picnic in the Park throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall during which market-goers can browse the stalls, grab a beer or wine and sit in the park while enjoying live music.

Charleston Farmers Market, Charleston

For a Southern take on the farmers market, head to gorgeous and historic Charleston. The city’s farmer’s market is simply iconic and features amazingly fresh food and drinks from all manner of local growers and producers. The stunning historic architecture doesn’t hurt, either.

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