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10 Reasons good health is wasted on the young

1. They can get up in the morning without thinking about it



2. They can sit upside down in chairs or watch TV doing poses older people learn how to do in a class, at considerable cost and pain.



3. They can fall asleep, and stay asleep, until someone gets them up at noon. All without taking something to help them sleep.



4. The pain of overindulgence clears in time for them to overindulge again…the next night.



5. They recover quickly from broken bones that are usually self-inflicted with sports and skateboards. Some of us are just trying to not slip on the ice.



6. If they stub their toe, they just stubbed their toe. They don’t Google symptoms and decide they have gout.



7. Unlike everyone else, a conversation with a kid will never, ever contain comments or complaints about their health.



8. If they fall down, they break their fall with their hands and their knees. Some of us break a fall with our hip. By breaking it.



9. If a kid has a cast, it’s cool.



10. Kids believe they will never get sick and they will never get old. As we get older, we live our lives anticipating one or the other. Kids have that one right.



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