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9 companies hiring now that cover 100% of employee health insurance premiums

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4 Hours Ago

Since 2001, the number of employers on Fortune‘s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list who provide full health coverage to employees has dropped from 34 percent to just 9 percent in 2016.

But employee health benefits are just as important now as they ever have been: Approximately 155 million workers relied on their employer or a family member’s employer to cover their health expenses last year.

To help ensure that job seekers looking for health benefits are targeting the right employers, job search platform Glassdoor compiled a list of companies hiring right now who cover 100 percent of employees’ health insurance premiums. Many of those listed here cover even more.

A Medical Assistant administers an injection to a patient at the Esperanza Health Center in Philadelphia, PA.

9. FactSet

Glassdoor company rating: 3.7

Health benefits offered: According to Glassdoor, FactSet pays all employee premiums, provides health insurance to anyone working more than 30 hours per week and offers coverage for dependents.

8. Arthrex

Glassdoor company rating: 3.3

Health benefits offered: According to Glassdoor, Arthrex covers 100 percent of healthcare premiums for employees, and 50 percent of coverage for dependents. In addition, a free on-site medical clinic is offered to employees and their dependents.

7. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Glassdoor company rating: 3.5

Health benefits offered: According to Glassdoor, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ensures premiums are covered in full for medical care, vision and dental for employees and their dependents.


6. GoDaddy

Glassdoor company rating: 3.7

Health benefits offered: According to Glassdoor, GoDaddy pays full employee premiums plus 50 percent of premiums for dependents. In addition, the company’s health benefits package includes everything from acupuncture to fertility treatments, as well as dental, vision and prescription drug subsidies.

5. Boston Consulting Group

Glassdoor company rating: 4.3

Health benefits offered: According to Glassdoor, 100 percent of Boston Consulting Group’s employee and spouse premiums are paid for by the company. Additionally, any part-time employee who works more than 20 hours per week is also offered health benefits.

4. Twitter

Glassdoor company rating: 3.9

Health benefits offered: According to Glassdoor, Twitter covers all of an employee’s healthcare premiums, in addition to paying for dental, vision, prescription drug subsidies and mental healthcare.

3. Ultimate Software

Glassdoor company rating: 4.6

Health benefits offered: According to Glassdoor, Ultimate Software covers 100 percent of employees’ healthcare premiums and 100 percent of their dependents’ premiums. In addition to covering dental, vision, mental health and prescription drug subsidies, the company also covers acupuncture and homeopathy.

2. ZocDoc

Glassdoor company rating: 3.6

Health benefits offered: According to Glassdoor, ZocDoc employees have out-of-pocket costs for deductibles, copayments and coinsurance, but the company covers all premiums.

1. Kimley-Horn and Associates

Glassdoor company rating: 3.9

Health benefits offered: According to Glassdoor, Kimley-Horn and Associates, covers 100 percent of their employee’s “preventative health care premiums,” and offers coverage for spouses, domestic partners and children. Additionally, the company offers subsidies for dental, vision, prescription drugs and mental health.

Glassdoor itself also qualifies for this list. The company says it offers 100 percent company-paid medical, dental, vision and life insurance coverage for employees, and 85 percent coverage for dependents. Additionally, the job search platform offers an onsite gym and fitness classes, along with free catered lunches.

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