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Michelle Bridges’ tips for sticking to health goals

Juggling a multimillion-dollar business — including her new range of ready meals — and a toddler is no easy feat but health and fitness impresario Michelle Bridges makes it look like a piece of cake, um, carrot!

Cooking at home is a great way to eat well and save money but Bridges knows that everything doesn’t always go to plan.

“I’m a realist,” she says in her trademark husky tones. “I understand that not everyone cooks every night of the week — I certainly don’t. I also understand when we run out of groceries or things get a bit hectic — but the wheels don’t have to fall off our healthy eating goals.”

A desire to create a healthy range of ready meals that she’d be happy to eat herself is what drove Bridges to create the Delicious Nutritious range, with new varieties now available in Woolworths.

Fitness icons Michelle Bridges and Steve Willis promoted wellness and health to inmates.

“I wasn’t able to find anything that suited my need to have ingredients that were clean and with balanced proportions in mind,” she explains. “That’s why I thought maybe there’s something I can do here.

“Rather than reaching for that take-out – that’s probably going to be low in nutrition and high in hitting the wallet – we’ve managed to keep it at a nice price point and we’ve got a four-star health rating and a fantastic-tasting meal.”

The range includes butter chicken, penne bolognese with vegetables and Bridges’ favourite, peri peri chicken. “It’s got a bit of heat, a bit of zing,” she says. “I also really like the beef and barley casserole. There’s a nice sweetness in the roasted vegetables, the barley’s a bit chewy. It reminds me of my grandmother for some reason.”

It’s a realistic approach — and no-nonsense attitude — that has enabled Bridges to transform the lives of tens of thousands of people through her 12 Week Body Transformation.

Michelle Bridges’ four-step guide to achieving your health goals

1. Try not to take on too much, sometimes you have to say “no” to things.

2. It’s helpful to be organised. Some days I nail that and some days I don’t. Being organised saves you time and money when you’re a bit more forward thinking around your nutrition as well as your exercise.

3. Having that plan B is a great way to make sure you’re keeping your nutrition on track. That’s the reason why we put the Nutritious Delicious meals together.

4. As far as exercise is concerned, I’m a big believer in DVDs. When my son, Axl, goes down for a sleep, I can knock out a workout in the lounge room.

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