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Olivia Newton Johnon cancer and her mental health

“For my current cancer journey I have combined photon radiation therapy with herbal infusions and medicinal cannabis to help with my pain and sleeping.”

Handily Olivia’s husband of 10 years, John Easterling, runs his own herbal company and grows cannabis for the star on their ranch in Santa Barbara, California (in California it’s legal to grow plants for your own medicinal purposes).

“How lucky am I to have a plant medicine man as my husband?” she says, smiling.

“He has been creating special tinctures and strains of cannabis to help with my symptoms. Medicinal cannabis is something that should be available to everyone who is going through a chronic illness or pain. I hope that we can help change the stigma around this amazing, healing plant. I hope to help bring cannabis to every patient who can benefit from it.”

It’s also on their ranch where the Grease star has been doing the majority of her convalescing. Amongst its paddocks and population of animals, she’s ensured that her home is a “healing place”, and this, alongside a variety simple rituals, has been integral in the healing process.

“Being with my husband, animals and in nature really centres my spirit,” she says. “I find that doing everyday chores around the house is a great way of focusing my mind. I love doing laundry, washing the dishes, cooking meals for my husband and feeding my dog, cat, miniature horses and chickens. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning and heading to the chicken coop to fetch some eggs, so I can make a healthy breakfast. It’s just the best!

“I truly believe that you should find time every day to do something simple you love to do, whether it’s painting, knitting, reading, going for a walk, or simply having your favourite cup of tea out of your favourite mug. It gives you something to focus on beyond your immediate concerns.”

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