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ON HEALTH: Some more summer safety tips

Yes, summer is still here. We still face many dangers we’ve heard about and talked about. Yet, things are still happening.

Drinking and driving is illegal on the roads as well as in boats on the water. Distracted driving anywhere is still unsafe, illegal and often deadly.

Hot car deaths are still happening across the country. Whether you have a child in the backseat or a pet, be sure to take them out of the car. Do not let our glorious sunshine be an instrument of death. This is true for all passengers. Do not leave folks sitting in a car with the engine running and expect everything to be just fine. If the engine stalls, the car can and will get hot. Those left inside could be sleeping or passed out. They can and often do die!

While many folks are still preparing for their summer vacations, be sure to check on laws in whichever state you will be driving. A recent news article highlighted the dangers of driving in the left lane (a.k.a. the fast lane). In some states it is illegal to move into the left lane and continuously drive there. A video with the article pointed out how someone in a hurry will back and forth to get around cars in the left lane. Accident rates skyrocket. If you are not speeding passed the people on the right, troopers in more than a dozen states will ticket you for driving in that left lane.

Lastly, have an emergency plan when driving on the highway. What will you do if you must pull off to the shoulder of the road? Do you have any reflective signs or cones to put on the road behind your vehicle? Any flares? Do you have roadside service for your vehicle? Is your cell phone charged so you can call for assistance? Check with your local police to see if they recommend you stay in the car or vacate it? If you leave the car, where should you stand? Is it legal to walk on the highway to get help? Be aware! Be safe! Stay alive.

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