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Science, Health and Climate Change

To the Editor:

ReTrump Prepares Major Weakening of Mercury Rules” (news article, Oct. 1):

I realize that there are many Americans who love President Trump. They shout praise at his rallies. Applaud his crude attacks on enemies and Democrats. Overlook with excuses his supposed sexual aggression. Believe his very distortion of the truth. Cheer him on in his every decision, irrespective of its plausibility.

But when his actions and his presidential orders are detrimental to the well-being of their own children and grandchildren, the cheering must stop.

Doris Fenig
Floral Park, N.Y.

To the Editor:

Re “One Thing You Can Do: Divest” (climate newsletter, Sept. 26):

One more thing you can do: Become educated on the health effects of climate change and share this information with others. Broader awareness and understanding of this interconnection is crucial for progress to occur.

With climate change accelerating, we need an educated public and a cadre of informed clinicians and health workers who can prevent, reduce and respond to the resulting health effects.

Health-profession schools must provide the training and education, and in so doing develop a vital resource: tomorrow’s leaders and caregivers.

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