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Staying active for life can bring good health.

– A recent study shows people 50 and older who watch up to 5 hours of t.v. a day, and do less than 3 hours of exercise a week, are 65% more likely to have difficulty walking when as they age. 

Age is just a number for Eva Winberry — a 70-year old who has a passion for moving to the beat.

“I love it,” said an active senior Eva Winberry. “It’s in my blood you know because I’m from Honduras and they do that a lot down there. That’s mostly the music that they have.”

She’s been participating in zumba for about 18 years because she knows it’s healthy for people her age to keep going. 

“It’s great to be active,” said Winberry. “And this keeps you active you know and my doctors every time I go for a check up say ‘don’t stop, don’t stop going to zumba.”

A recent study from George Washington University, says excess sitting may reduce mobility later in life, especially for senior citizens.

“We definitely see seniors who are healthier and happier when they’re active and it’s become a lifestyle change and it’s easier to start when you’re young,” said zumba instructor Jenny Glenn.

Zumba instructor Jenny Glenn at the Joplin South Y says working out doesn’t have to be intense — just keep moving.

“It’s harder and harder in our society to stay active because more technology is keeping us in our chairs,” said Glenn.

As for Winberry, she adds she’ll continue to do zumba for as long as she can.

“It makes me feel good and I really enjoy doing it,” said Winberry.

Glenn also suggests if the gym or outside isn’t for you, exercise can mean simple movement like climbing stairs, walking around your house, or stretching during T.V. breaks.

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