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Thailand cave rescue: Four boys rescued are in "good health"

Getty Images

Four of the twelve boys trapped in the flooded underground Tham Luang caves in Thailand have been rescued.

It took eight hours for divers and rescuers to get them out.

All four are said to be in “good health”. They were taken to hospital once they left the cave.

The operation has now been paused so that the divers’ air tanks can be replaced.

The rescuers are going to try and get more boys out on Monday.

The group of twelve boys, aged 11 to 16, and their football coach were trapped on 23 June after heavy rains flooded the entrance to the cave.

The rescue mission began on Sunday and involved 90 expert divers – 40 from Thailand and 50 from other countries.

These divers have been working together to help guide the boys through the long, difficult passages of the cave. Some areas are very narrow.

The boys will leave the cave by walking, climbing and swimming through the different passages.

While swimming, each boy is helped by two divers as they follow a rope called a ‘dive line’ which helps lead the group out of the cave.

Getty Images

The boys are wearing special diving masks that cover their whole face as this helps them breathe more easily from their oxygen tanks.

Their large, heavy oxygen tanks are also being carried for them by the rescue divers.

The rescue operation was started on Sunday as more rain is expected this week, which would make it harder to rescue the boys.

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