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‘Tsvangirai in good health’

MDC-T officials were responding to a weekend State media article by columnist Nathaniel Manheru, believed to be Presidential spokesperson George Charamba, suggesting that many top MDC-T officials were terminally ill.

“Measured by the scale of health, most of MDC’s candidates, current and aspiring, are in fact more mortal than President (Robert) Mugabe. Most are ill, terminally ill. But that is a matter for a bolder day!”

Manheru wrote. But Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka dismissed the utterances as mischievous, saying the Premier was in good health.
Tamborinyoka said:

“Zimbabweans know who is sick in as far as the Prime Minister’s health is concerned. He has never travelled outside the country or inside the country seeking medical help. We all know who has done that.”

This was in reference to Mugabe who has reportedly flown to Singapore a “record” nine times since last year on medical grounds. MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said: “Well, that is typical nonsense and hogwash on the part of Nathaniel Manheru who is either Jonathan Moyo or George Charamba. It is typical nonsense. Manheru’s Zanu PF has not carried medical tests on our members. They are young, they are vibrant and that is clear.

“Our presidential candidate is younger, more energetic and more visionary than President Mugabe. President Mugabe is old and everybody knows that.Therefore, Zanu PF rarely wants the people of Zimbabwe to judge the candidate.”

Mwonzora added: “They must agree to conditions for free and fair elections. Right now, they are delaying and dillydallying over the constitution-making process. We want to complete the roadmap to free and fair elections and have free and fair elections.

“Our presidential candidate is physically fit and has never had to go outside the country for medical attention.”

The Patriot newspaper, which is believed to be owned by Zanu PF sympathisers, claimed Tsvangirai was suffering from spinal cancer.

“Tsvangirai is believed to be suffering from spinal cancer.

“The indication was his emotional plea to pastors and top party cadres at his 60th birthday party at Great Zimbabwe Hotel to pray for him that he could become the country’s next President,” the paper wrote.

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